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We offer hunters the ultimate adventure in the African Mountainous Highveld by hunting on horseback and the opportunity to relive a bygone era. With a wide range of well schooled and trained horses, adapted to the African Highlands the hunter has the freedom to cover a great range of territory and experience a wide variety of game close up.

There is no shooting from the horseback, so one dismounts for the final stalk. The height advantage one has on a horse’s back gives great visibility over the lower trees and scrub, it is quiet, and the footfalls are a natural sound in the bush. It is often easier to get close to game and for just a game viewing experience it is sensational.

The horses we use are surefooted Boerperd, (African mustangs) who is used to the game and terrain. Hunting can be either from a comfortable lodge or more rustic tented accommodation.

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